Admissions started for 2021-22

Pre School Coaching

Preschool (or infant) education is the provision of learning to children before the commencement of statutory education, usually between the ages of one and three or five years.

We started Gaalloping Mindss, the Pre-school and Day-care brand of Nayak’s Tutorials, in 2009, at Mumbai and Thane. We provide the appropriate and interactive pre-school environment for children by providing desirable nurturing, care and education that are the hallmark of Nayak’s Tutorials.


What fosters healthy development of your child? Is it the environment, the activities, or the teachers? At Gaalloping Mindss... we believe it is a combination of all. Hence, we have focused on a friendly environment, interesting educational activities & well trained teachers.

Research has verified that between 1 to 4 years of age, a child develops 50 to 60% of his intelligence & another 30% between 4 to 8. How do you target the development of various aspects of your child’s persona at the right time & in a right manner?We, At Gaalloping Mindss... have designed age appropriate programmes implemented through a progressive teaching method - learning by doing, interactive learning, organized play & a balanced curriculum. Aimed at increasing your child’s knowledge, confidence, ability to

Catering to the various aspects of your child’s development
Health Habits of cleanliness & regularity of meals are developed to make your child more self-reliant.
Recreation Creating an atmosphere of fun & enjoyment through games.
Attitude Arousing curiosity & building an attitude to explore and understand through live demonstrations of various activities that happen in our real life & surroundings.
Education Imparting knowledge through play & creative activities.
Culture Educating about our culture & traditions through celebration of various festivals round the year.
Personality Ensuring your child interacts with the other kids through various activities thereby making him extrovert & expressive.
Affection & Attention A loving teacher-child interaction will make your child feel safe & secure thereby keeping his mind open to learning.
Morals Imbibing values to make a humble individual.